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Product Spotlight: Men's Wallets

April 02, 2016

     Today I wanted to talk about one of our best sellers, our wallets, so that maybe you too can find what's great about them! Whether you're buying a wallet for yourself or giving it as a gift, here is a quick breakdown of our types of wallets and how they're made. 

product spotlight: leather wallets for men

     Before we go deep into the specs of our wallets, you know that we have to cover the story. Every Autumn Summer product has a story, and will take on your story each day that you use it. 

     Our wallets are handmade in Asheville, North Carolina by In Blue, a team of crafters run by creative genius, Mary Lynn Schroeder. Mary Lynn started In Blue in 2008 in hopes to make a personalized craft and provide a unique way for you to express yourself, and that's exactly what these wallets do. 

     We have two different wallet variations, and its up to you to pick which one fits into your pocket. 

handmade mens leather wallets

Bifold Wallets: The Specs.

     The bifold wallet is our full sized wallet, sure to fit anything you could possibly need to carry your pocket. The bifold is great for the men who don't need a solid holder, and don't have time for those little guys. 

  • Total Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Holds 6-8 cards, 4 on each side
  • Available in Gold, Taupe, or Brandy
  • Can hold a ridiculous amount of bills. As in more than you would ever want to carry on your person. 
  • Price: $25Credit Card Wallet: The Specs.

Credit Card Wallet: The Specs.

     The bifold wallet is the polar opposite of its brother, the credit card wallet. The credit card wallet doubles as a business card holder, and is perfect for hiking or biking trips where space is key. It's the perfect size for a standard credit card, but can fit a few folded bills as well.

     Personally, I like to keep my insurance and license in the back pocket, and my credit cards in the front. 

  • Total Dimensions: 4 x 2.75 inches
  • Holds up to 6 cards
  • Available in Gold or Taupe
  • Can also hold a few bills, business cards, or notes. 
  • Price: $17
handmade mens leather wallethandmade leather wallets for men

How It's Made

     As we mentioned, each wallet is made by hand to ensure that each product is unique, and each product is seen by a real person to make sure it's perfect. 

     Each wallet starts out as a piece of raw cowhide, and is cut, stamped, and sewn by hand in Asheville, NC.


     You've asked, so here is your answer: each wallet can now be personalized with a name, date, or monogram. 

     Did you lose your wallet at the gym? After its returned to the desk, you'll be sure to get it back. 

     If you want to give wallets as your groomsmen gifts, we'll give you 10% off the wallet and the customization!


     If you love our wallets as much as we do, order from our website and we'll ship it straight to your door! Thank you for supporting us in our journey to make the world a more beautiful place. 

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